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Boogie Software data analysts have PhD-level research backgrounds and experience in working with petabyte scale data volumes. Solid foundation in mathematical analysis gives us an advantage in understanding, modelling and discovering patterns in big datasets.

Take your business forward with Boogie Software's multi-disciplinary team and build unique intelligent solutions. Our experts in machine learning and data science can work together with your team or deliver a complete solution using entirely our own resources.

Our customer promise

Using the best practices of lean software development and data science, we can guarantee:

  • Tangible results in a short time frame
  • High-end data analytics that puts you ahead of competition
  • Architecture that scales to production
  • Agility, transparency and efficiency

Work samples

Simulation / Modeling

Cleantech algorithm development

  • Development of energy consumption prediction algorithm
  • Device execution scheduling to energy needs with price optimisation
  • Simulation code for battery charge time evolution in the FFR (Firm Frequency Response) code

Deep learning

Data Synthesis

  • Data synthesis is the act of generating artificial data for the purposes of software development, system testing or data analysis.
  • Boogie Software has built a proprietary solution for generating synthetic datasets using the latest neural network technology.
  • Our solution has been built and verified using financial datasets, and it can be also applied on other types of tabular data.

Read more about the concept at Boogie Software Blog and visit our Data Synthesizer page for details.

Machine learning

Credit Risk Analysis

  • Decision trees implementation for evaluating default risk on loans based on customer transaction history
  • Open bank transaction dataset for training the classifier
  • Significant enhancement over baseline on the loan success prediction

Read more at Boogie Software Blog.

Natural Language Processing

Business Line Detection From Text

  • RNN implementation for identifying business line from sparse text samples
  • Trained on Finnish Patent and Registration Office open data
  • Accuracy up to 90% depending on the industry

Image analysis

Retinal scan automatic segmentation

  • Deep CNN implementation for identifying the area of the optic disks and segmenting the blood vessels in retinal scan images
  • Human-level accuracy on the validation set

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