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Artificial Intelligence

Absolutely Brilliant AI Solutions

  • Data Synthesizer – Create anonymous data sets
  • Customer Profiler – Financial behaviour analysis, segmentation and credibility analysis
  • Your AI need – Discover new insights from your data with Boogie AI Team

How does it work?

Boogie Software data analysts have PhD-level research backgrounds in astrophysics and particle physics, with experience in working with petabyte scale data volumes. Solid foundation in mathematical analysis gives us an advantage in understanding, modelling and discovering patterns in big datasets. Our recent work includes smart grid optimisation and customer profiling.

Take your business forward with Boogie Software's multi-disciplinary team and build unique intelligent solutions.

What's in it for me?

Using the best practices of lean software development and data science, we can guarantee:

  • Tangible results in a rapid timeframe
  • High-end data analytics that puts you ahead of competition
  • Architecture that scales to production
  • Agility, transparency and efficiency

We know how to make it work from legacy backend systems to cutting edge web frontend frameworks and mobile apps.


Deep technical expertise and understanding of the FinTech industry are at the core of Boogie Software. We have years of experience in building world-class web and mobile solutions.

Some of the first mobile application pioneers in the world are Boogie Software partners today. Our experts have been working in all major mobile platforms since 1990's.

Today, 70% of our revenue comes from the banking sector where we have built stable competence through the last decade.

Want to know more?

Please drop us a line and we will come and meet you to discuss the possibilities of AI in your business.

We won’t bother you with buzzwords, but instead focus on tangible opportunities to enhance your business – increase revenue, decrease cost or find completely new business areas.

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