Culture and Philosophy

Boogie Software Oy is a private Finnish company headquartered in Oulu.

Boogie has very high competence profile, most people have 15…20 years experience, typically having pioneered smart phones and mobile systems. Today, Boogie’s competence covers all relevant software technologies.

More than half of Boogie’s employees are also shareholders. Therefore commitment and motivation are built in. This enables very light management structure, trust and freedom for the talented professionals.

Cornerstones of Boogie philosophy are deep respect for the individual and his/her own life and time as well as emphasis on common goals and profit sharing among employees. Combined with the ownership structure and competence profile this leads to unique company culture.

Oulu is a special location. On one hand there are very skilled people available with reasonable costs, on the other hand there is unique spirit of co-operation between companies, university and the city. Therefore the companies in Oulu can have much bigger impact than their own size would indicate.