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There are some questions we hear all the time. Here’s a few with answers.

"Mikä Boogie?"

Without exceptions, Boogie is always great!

What is your company all about?

Our software company specializes in developing innovative software solutions for businesses and organizations across various industries.

We can promise our customers that they always get highly motivated professionals to help them in their software projects, as we focus on keeping our people happy and professionally up to date.

What programming languages and technologies does your company use?

We use a wide range of programming languages and technologies in our customers’ projects. All the modern technologies are covered but we also handle a bunch of more rare ones if needed. It always depends on the customer’s needs.

We constantly stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the tech industry to ensure our clients receive the best solutions.

How do you ensure the security of your software products?

Security is our top priority, and we implement a range of measures to ensure the security of our software products. We have people who are specialized in cyber security on a very high level, so we’ve got it covered.

We code for you

The success of a software project lies in the sum of small, yet high-quality elements. With our expertise, we possess the ability to comprehend the big picture.

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