Fintech and Beyond

Boogie operates mostly in Financial Technology. The competences in information security and wellbeing help innovating new services in Fintech, too. The trusted relationships with extremely skilled globally operating companies also enable new business development across business sectors and different technologies.

The biggest customers for Boogie are leading Nordic banks. Whole palette of Boogie’s services is used while creating some of the most advances services in business.

Boogie has done dozens of man work years building critical services in Information Security field. The gained competence is naturally utilized in all of our services. Boogie’s trusted position can also be used for building new business together with respected global players in Information Security.


Today’s wearables enable new kinds of services in wellbeing sector. Making those really consumer-friendly is not easy, though. Boogie masters wearable internal software, the IoT-natured messaging between wearables, beacons, phones and backends as well as transaction-intensive servers and their data analysis. Those skills can be applied in a variety of businesses and business development in insurance field is very natural.


Modern physical infrastrucure is becoming more and more software-based. Power plants and grids, water and sewage, heating systems, mobility, traffic, automotive solutions all have a growing need for analytics and finetuned control.

This is where Boogie Software's experience helps various customers to maximize the comfort of our everyday lifes while reducing the energy consumption and other environmental impacts.

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