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Modern physical infrastrucure is becoming more and more software-based. Power plants and grids, water and sewage, heating systems, mobility, traffic, automotive solutions all have a growing need for analytics and finetuned control.

This is where Boogie Software's experience helps various customers to maximize the comfort of our everyday lifes while reducing the energy consumption and other environmental impacts.

Reference - DNA

DNA Oyj has created a smart heating service, Wattinen, to help consumers to reduce energy consumption and climate emissions by optimising heating systems in apartment buildings. Boogie Software Oy has provided development and architecture services for the Wattinen multi platform mobile application and cloud solution.

“Exceptional level of competence from Boogie has ensured successful results for development of the Wattinen service. I am looking forward to continuing co-operation between Boogie and DNA.”

Mikko Lietsalmi Director of Business Development, DNA Oyj

Reference - Reactive Technologies

The goal of Reactive Technologies Ltd. is to lead the transition to a smarter, lower carbon energy system by empowering all system players to become active participants through ultra-fast, cloud-based technology combined with deep technical understanding.

Boogie Software Oy, in collaboration with Reactive Technologies Ltd, carried out a project to design and implement a web-based user interface for GridMetrix, a cloud-based grid measurement and analytics service that delivers real-time visibility of unique system data, such as inertia, and deep operational insights to help Transmission System Operators (TSOs) and Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) manage their systems more efficiently and cost-effectively.

”Boogie Software delivered first-class results on a very tight schedule. Their UI design expertise combined with a thorough knowledge of web technologies made the project move efficiently and on time from the early design and prototyping phase all the way to the finalized product. We are very happy with the results, and continue to work with Boogie Software to develop our products and services.”

Ville Kampman CEO / Group CTO Reactive Technologies Finland Oy

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