Work is not the most important thing in life and it shouldn’t steal too much time from your family, friends and hobbies. This concept is very important to us as an employer. These elements of life should balance each other.

Work is still a big part of our every day life and it should offer endless possibilities for self improvement and development. When work is rewarding and offers the right level of challenge, it’s naturally good for the employee, but it also benefits the company, not to forget the customer. We offer our employees a possibility to switch projects whenever needed, because it helps in developing professional skillset and competence. Here you can change jobs without changing the employer.

Our customers get their share of our company's respect as well. We can promise, that they always get highly motivated professionals to help them, as we truly let our people have their say about the potential customer projects. Our people are all about uncompromising quality. At Boogie each and everyone is given the chance to become a leading master of the field of their expertise.

We do not believe in short term benefits - we want to build long lasting customer relations and employ happy, committed people.


Boogie is a company full of exceptionally talented software professionals, but it's also a community of like-minded people. The atmosphere supports the development of every individual, no matter if the career is just about to start or there's dozens of years of experience. Our people have vast and varying experience and competence. Everyone is willing to share their knowledge, which boosts the development of the whole community.

Social relations between Boogie people are very important to us as they are working for various projects. We work hard on letting our people know that they are the most important asset we could ever have.

Regularly in Boogie Nights we go through company related things, but most importantly spend time together. Put the sauna on, eat delicious food and have fun. Other traditional ways of building and maintaining the communal sense is our annual Hackfest. It lasts from Friday morning to Sunday and the time is strictly dedicated to hobby projects and hacking together. You can find a couple of Hackfest videos on our YouTube channel.

Boogie people are always free to use Boogie HQ's premises with a huge sauna and staggering view of River Oulu. This applies to socializing with colleagues and for private occasions and parties.

It's all about people!



Our people are self-driven professionals. We do not need tracking and bureucracy - instead we believe in trust. We give our people access to all available information and the right decisions are made at the grassroots level.

We know that professionals appreciate feeling of accomplishment and the flow; focus and immersion. This isn't something that happens by accident. It needs careful nurturing and cleaning out all unneccessary interruptions. We do not have "small tasks to keep you busy".

Software profession is a rapidly developing area - new languages and frameworks pop to existence almost weekly. Still - the most important tool is the capability to adapt and use the gathered knowledge on mapping the terminologies and methods on the task at hand.

Training is needed - you have the liberty to decide what is the most appropriate route. In between projects you can use your time to study the technologies and tools you know you’re going to need later on.


Everyone should get a fair compensation of their work. Our salary model is very simple - fixed monthly pay based on experience and competence. There’s no provisions or personal bonuses that might cause internal competition. We think that the current project situation or hourly billing rate is the responsibility of the company, so the person shouldn't bear the risk of that.

In addition to the fixed monthly salary we provide our people with excellent benefits. The benefits are designed to be the kind that top IT professionals appreciate. The benefits support working capacity and balanced life and are very wide: healthcare and insurances, the best tools for work, profit sharing, an exceptional bunch of people to work with and learn from, just to mention a few.

More than half of Boogie’s employees are also shareholders. This is an opportunity that we offer also to all new joining people. This way commitment and motivation are inherently built in. This enables very light management structure, trust and freedom for the talented professionals. Combined with ownership, dedication and competence profile this leads to a unique company culture.

Track Record of success

During the company's existence from 2006 Boogie has provided also financial security for its employees. All salaries have always been paid in full and in time. There have been no layoffs, redundancies or pay-cuts. This is something that very few companies can truthfully say.

If you are interested on joining us there are always positions for competent people. We are not hiring for single projects but for a longer term.