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We value our professionals, their goals, skills and time. We work hard on improving our expertise, and maintain a balance between work and free time. Boogie is a reliable employer whose operations are solvent and sustainable.

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For us, work is not the most important thing and it shouldn’t take too much time away from family, friends and hobbies – from life itself.

We understand different life situations and focus on a work culture that strengthens competence and well-being. After all, it’s all about people!

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“Do you want to do what you love? So do we.”

Software development and consulting

Working at Boogie

Each of our employees follows their own career path. When work is rewarding and offers the right level of challenge, it’s naturally good for the employee, but it also benefits the company, not to forget the customer. At Boogie you can change jobs without changing the employer.

Our people are all about uncompromising quality. At Boogie each and everyone is given the chance to become a leading master of the field of their expertise.

Our people are self-driven professionals. We do not need tracking and bureucracy – instead we believe in trust. Our decision-making and information sharing are transparent, and we actively involve our employees in the process.

Everyone should get a proper compensation of their work. We have fixed monthly pay based on experience and competence. Our profit sharing is fair, and we don’t have commissions or individual bonuses that could cause internal competition.

In addition to the fixed monthly salary and profit sharing, we provide our people with excellent benefits which are designed to be the kind that top IT professionals appreciate. The benefits support working capacity and balanced life and are extensive: healthcare and insurances, the best tools for work,  just to mention a few. 

Most importantly you get an exceptional bunch of people to work with and learn from. We work hard on letting our people know that they are the most important asset we could ever have!

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A place for future makers

We believe in sharing knowledge and expertise. We also have a strong culture of helping others – our most experienced software professionals support the talented Boogie juniors on their first career steps. We know that each of our people has the potential to become the next master in the industry.