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UX without users is not UX. It’s X. Which means: don’t do it. Even the most well thought-out designs are only assumptions until we validate them with end users.

Hoa Loranger, VP, Nielsen Norman Group

User-Centered Design

Building up your concept is hard. We know! Especially in an environment with lots of competing requirements, needs, and stakeholders who all want their say in the matter. This is where user-centered design comes in. Involving users in the very early stages of concept development is crucial to the success of a new service, and can provide you with insights that can save you months of hard work when done early enough and in the correct way.

Early concept development methods such as design fictions, anticipated user experience design (AUX), and speculative / co-design are perfect for involving your users from the very start. However, understanding and correctly applying these methods is crucial in ensuring the data you get is useful and reliable.

We're here help you apply the right methods, collect the right data, and refine findings to actionable items that will take your concept from a good idea to a great product.

User Experience Research

UX design is not about how pretty an interface is. The main purpose of UxD is to ensure a holistic positive experience for the user. Important elements of this experience are overall usability, the hierarchy and presentation of information, the interaction flow, and the elusive ’wow’ factor that great designs can elicit.

UX designers do research to understand the users, develop ideas to solve the users’ needs, and build and measure those solutions in the real world to see if they work. However, selecting the right methods for conducting research and analyzing data are crucial in ensuring that results and findings are correct. Using the wrong methods, or misinterpreting data, can be just as bad, if not worse, than not doing user research at all.

Usability Testing

Designers are not users. This is an important insight to keep in mind at all times. Designers simply know too much about technology in general, and the product they’re designing in particular, to be representative members of the target audience of the app/service they’re building. This is why it is so important to do usability testing with representative members of the target audience.

The earlier in the development cycle usability testing is introduced, the cheaper and more effective it becomes. A quick and dirty usability study with as few as 6 representative participants can already uncover 80% of usability issues in a design. There really are no reasons not to test early and test often; the earlier usability issues are discovered, the cheaper and faster it is to fix them.

Here at Boogie we can take care of the whole usability evaluation process for you, from designing evaluation tasks, to recruiting participants, to carrying out the evaluation, all the way to analyzing results and reporting findings.

Reference - Reactive Technologies

The goal of Reactive Technologies Ltd. is to lead the transition to a smarter, lower carbon energy system by empowering all system players to become active participants through ultra-fast, cloud-based technology combined with deep technical understanding.

Boogie Software Oy, in collaboration with Reactive Technologies Ltd, carried out a project to design and implement a web-based user interface for GridMetrix, a cloud-based grid measurement and analytics service that delivers real-time visibility of unique system data, such as inertia, and deep operational insights to help Transmission System Operators (TSOs) and Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) manage their systems more efficiently and cost-effectively.

”Boogie Software delivered first-class results on a very tight schedule. Their UI design expertise combined with a thorough knowledge of web technologies made the project move efficiently and on time from the early design and prototyping phase all the way to the finalized product. We are very happy with the results, and continue to work with Boogie Software to develop our products and services.”

Ville Kampman CEO / Group CTO Reactive Technologies Finland Oy

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