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iOS Developer Seasoned iOS developer - familiar with Swift and/or Objective-C Android Developer Proficient Android developer - familiar with Java and/or Kotlin Mobile Developer Crossplatform / Hybrid mobile developer - using Flutter or React Native. Backend Developer C# Developing backend services with C#. Experience in other Microsoft-technologies. Fullstack is always a huge plus! Backend Developer Developing backend services with either Java or Python. Fullstack is always a huge plus! Software Architect Software development guru Summer Trainee / Intern Our summer trainee positions are now open Apply before 28th of January

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We always welcome bright minds to Boogie. After all, it’s all about people.

Boogie was made to be the perfect place to work for unusually gifted software professionals.

The spirit of Boogie is unique. The company feels like your own and the community like coming home. Bright minds, mutual respect. Active profit sharing among everybody each year. You can become a shareholder, too - most Boogie employees already are.

If you are a seasoned guru you’ll find the Boogie people great – your colleagues master the technologies and are willing to share the knowledge. We don’t have internal hassles or bureaucracy. You work together with the best, have stimulating discussions and achievements… a flow.

If you are starting your career, joining Boogie can be your fast track to becoming a respected professional in software development. You bring your skills, passion, intellect and good spirit. We help and support you all the way to the top.

Talk to one of us, send mail to or fill the application. You can check the positions at LinkedIn or send us open application - we always have jobs available.