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Key Differentiator in Today's Business

Complexity is the worst enemy of security, and our systems are getting more complex all the time.

Bruce Schneier, Data and Goliath: The Hidden Battles to Collect Your Data and Control Your World

Cyber Security

Cyber security is critical for protecting your business-critical data and for ensuring the security and privacy of your customers’ information. There are several regulations and standards that may set security requirements for your products and daily operations.

Also, in today's connected world, creating secure software and products has become increasingly challenging. Keeping products secure throughout their entire lifetime requires special effort as well.

Creating Secure Products

Building a secure product or service requires that the right people, skillsets, and processes are in place from the very start of the development, so that the security requirements will flow into the product as part of the daily development work. It can be hard to decide how to slice the problem into manageable pieces and where to start, because security impacts a large amount of functions and processes in the company and the product. We at Boogie Software are here to help you to select best practices, set up the needed processes and set the priorities for the needed actions.

As foundation for secure product creation, we will utilise Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) frameworks that put you in control over your product security. An SDL framework divides security into smaller, manageable areas like security training, security requirement setting and security testing and validation. All the different areas shall be developed to make your products and services secure.

Right Partners and Tools Make the Difference

From the security testing and validation perspective, there are tons of tools that will help to ensure software security. You will also see terms and acronyms like DevSecOps, OWASP or AST that may sound confusing first. We will help you through the terminology jungle and work with you to select the best tools. This allows the development team to find and correct the security related issues already in the development phase, where those are fastest and cheapest to fix.

Whether you already have an existing product or are creating a new one, Boogie Software can help you with defining and validating your design. This can happen e.g. in the form of analysis of your architecture or threat modelling.

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