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From terra firma to the vast expanse of the open seas, and even spanning light-years away, our team specializes in designing, implementing and consulting on cutting-edge software solutions. With our extensive expertise and adaptable operating models, we transform software projects into resounding success stories.

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At our company, we recognize the significance of work-life balance. Our people are our greatest asset, and we hold deep respect for our experts and their aspirations. We understand the value of fulfilling work as well as leisure time. Whether you are embarking on your career journey or you are a seasoned professional, we eagerly welcome your interest.

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OP Financial Group

OP Financial Group’s Oulu unit is known for its exceptional mobile technology expertise. Its responsibilities include e.g. the development of high-security banking applications - among others, the highly praised Pivo application has been developed in Oulu. Boogie Software has been a reliable partner of OP for many years. The uncompromising professionalism of Boogie experts has allowed nothing but praise from OP.

"Boogie professionals give their utmost for the project success. Their commitment to the quality of work is admirable."

KRISTIAN LUOMA, Director / OP Financial Group


Boogie Software has provided consultation and software professional services for Nordea since 2012. The co-operation has ranged from core banking and omni-channel digital touch point development services in Nordea Group Digital projects, to Nordea’s cutting edge innovation programs, including key positions like lead developer and lead platform architect assignments.

"The level of expertise shown by Boogie’s personnel in Nordea projects has been constantly exceptionally high, resulting with excellent customer satisfaction. Service provided by Boogie Software has been reliable, motivated and inspired, with exemplary professional approach to all assigned projects and tasks."

VICTOR ARROYO, Head of Engineering / Nordea Digital Banking

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It’s no secret that we boast decades of experience in driving technological revolutions across various industries. We truly excel when our design and development endeavours result in solutions that simplify operations and enhance the end user’s daily life.

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The success of a software project lies in the sum of small, yet high-quality elements. With our expertise, we possess the ability to comprehend the big picture. Don’t hesitate to reach out and connect with us!

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